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heh heh, just when I thought FS was slowing down... And the indignant fluttershy is the cherry on top, just so wow. You deserve all 240 comments OP. I tip my hat to you.


Oct. 21st, 2013 09:17 pm
We will never run out of opinions over tumblr's domination over fandom:

This was a really interesting discussion.

The comments are over 200. We are pleased.

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Well anon, I interpret this as one last hurrah in your trolling career. A mighty fine shitstorm ensued from this post, I commend you.

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I just wanted you to know.... we will never, ever run out of HP secrets.

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<Click Here for the thread> case you were I dunno, worried about that or something.

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I know, the old Joss and his wimmins debate... I just couldn't resist. After all, there were only nine secrets today-- I was about to write this whole batch off. But the team really pulled through on this one, really proud of you guys.

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[WARNING for abuse/incest/non-con]

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I just wanted to say ... over 100 comments is a good job. Good job, everyone. Special shout-out to "I miss papyrus :-( "

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mmm YES, delicious trivial arguments.

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